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Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Tea and Coffee

Card designs based on the theme of 'home' and inspired by that warming cup of tea or coffee pictured in different parts of the world.

Tea and coffee illustrations

The Rise of Food Waste

Infographic on the rise of food waste in the UK as studies show.

Food waste graph

Depressed Dynasaur

Dynasaur, Forever Blue - Cover artwork. Listen and purchase their music here

logo designs

Logo Design - Berlin Study Trip, Future Science Open Journal, Concussion Database and Mindful Strength Fitness

Illustration of instruments on windowsill with plants growing out of them

Self initiated project - my response to the track Go by the Maccabees

Depressed Dynasaur

Future Science OA journal cover design and illustration

Computer Arts cover design featuring a production line

Computer Arts and D&AD New Talent cover competition - my design came in the top 10

Illustration of a shining city on a hill
The Shining City on the Hill - a gripping story based in Texas


jellyfish with Christmas lights

Christmas card design -Jelly Christmas


Space Illustration

Illustration Friday - Space


animated gif of Edward Scissorhands scene featuring Adora

Portrait of Adora Levin for the Adorable blog - Adora Scissorhands. See more portraits and find out more about the project here